Cyber Criminals Modus Operandi using Internet

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Releasing list 250 cyber criminals

I'll explain Cyber Criminals modus operandi.

Their focus is bank account and money in it.

They have learned to harness media:

  1. Site comments: They add comments injecting their mobile number deceptively in different websites. They write complete company address but only deceptively add their mobile number in the middle of company address and details and visitors falls into the bait.
  2. Create Website Pages: They buy domains and host professional website advertising the bank's logo inserting their own mobile number. Right now most of them are creating in Google Drive,,, Google's site pages.
  3. Youtube videos:Create Youtube videos replacing their own number in the video when detailing how to contact banks.
  4. Google Ads: Now they get traffic by injecting their ads on any Google affiliate network websites. For this they first create a landing page as explained above and then open and pay per click in Google Ads.

Harnessing weakness in Indian government subsystem

  1. Indian police will not accept complaint unless it falls in Inspector's jurisdiction
  2. Cyber crime national portal simply refers cases to your police station.
  3. Unless you've been defrauded nobody has time in India to listen to you. I've now list of 500 cyber criminals but since no fraud has been done with me, there is no way to complain in India!
  4. Government officials have tendency to reduce/avoid their work because of assured pay and pension system created here. They are highly insensitive to just about anybody in India except to their bosses. So police and govt officials easily avoid their duty and that no system to penalize exists in India or it could be very difficult if one wants to penalize.

Large Media Companies Dilemma

  1. Google and large Media companies have so much spam and complaints, they simply can't catch the deceptive page. I've complained many but they remove only a few.
  2. Google may have vested interest to keep running those advertisers paying for ads. They turn blind eye to such ads. I've complained a dozen ads but none have been removed.

Website Owners Dilemma

Stopping spam, weeding out spam requires energy and time. Given that most of startup websites start from zero and those owners have little money and most of such websites simply fail. After 1-2 or three years the owner dumps the website because of loss. Till then spammers have good time posting their spammy text containing mobile numbers: Criminals spam websites

Sample: Fraudester deceptively injects his number in Youtube Video

  1. He creates a short video how to reach Google Pay customer care
  2. While in the middle of video, he deceptively injects his own mobile number
  3. The opening photo of video that Youtube shows his own mobile number advertising as Google Pay number
  4. 254 likes are there and many of his criminal friends have commented "Thanks for your support"

Youtube videos advertising fake numbers

Countless videos are there. Click to see list of videos . Think about how many more may be existing for each and every bank and payment channels plus Amazon, Flipkart etc. 1000's of them!







Injecting own mobile in Google pay video
Injecting own mobile in Google pay video and misleading the bank customer









Creating fake reviews by accomplices
Guess how many friends doing this illegal activity? They are upvoting and cheering! All criminals!









How this number shows in Truecaller
Truecaller shows as some customer care number service(must be created by circle of criminal friends)













Youtube Video(injecting own mobile for Googlepay customer care)

 see this video how Googlepay number has been injected deceptively

Google Videos & Short is full of spammers and fraudesters

How many videos fraudesters have created on youtube?



Cyber criminals posting in Facebook Twitter



Facebook groups by cyber criminals

Cybercriminal at work using Courier Ad in mobile(in app)

Ad mobile ad in app giving fake courier service



Cybercriminal spamming in a government schemes page!(Ladlik yojna)

A cybercriminal now spamming on a Ladlik Scheme govt Yojna page!





SMS fraud using Company Sender id

SBI Yono genuine SMS from company sender id


Website opening in Pakistan

Pakistan based site collecting SBI yono credentials

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